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Don’t do it, don’t Spend more than 3k uploading your song online, see why

Don't do it

This post is for both upcoming and established artist.

A lot of Musicians spend money that they were suppose to use for a good Social media campaign just on one blog.

Why should you do that? Because the site is popular I guess. Sorry!!!

Let me tell you, why you shouldn’t do that

If You upload your song on a popular website without a proper Promotion, you will still not BLOW!

These so called popular sites will charge you 20k and above just to upload your song and maybe put it on one corner of their blog, and within 2 days more new songs are out and your song will go down below the newly uploaded songs, and if you want your song to stay on the featured column on the front page of the site, you will have to pay more, of course you know that.
Well the truth is, they won’t spend your money on Social media campaign, they expect you to do it yourself or pay more for them to do that.

Enough of the sermon, let’s go straight to our Offer.
Let’s upload your music on our blog, YouTube and other platforms for as low as 3k.
There after You decide on how much you would want to budget on your social media campaign,

What’s an Ad campaign?
An advertising campaign is a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication

How will this benefit you?
Once we upload your song, there will be a link where people can download your song easily.
We will help you make a convincing and enticing article containing your link and then post it on Facebook and Instagram, to enable more people get to know you and your song, and also get more people to download it.
Whatever you decide as your budget will be used to finance the entire Ad campaign, the higher your budget, the more audience you’ll reach.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this offer now, instead of spending 20k and above just to upload your song on a popular blog, let’s do it for 3k and use your remaining funds for a massive social media campaign.

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